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Birthdate:Oct 12
I'm Isa and this is my little corner of the world. I'm 22 and live in Germany but one day when I am less attached to my family, I am going to move to an English-speaking country. Unless learning Swedish makes me want to live in Sweden. Which, hey, wouldn't be as far away from the family as, say, Australia.
I have an intense love for the English language and there's nothing more fun than living it for me. And so far, that's done through television, books and insane amounts of chatting. I love writing and playing with words but I'm too lazy to actually sit down to write, so the most you'll ever see of me are boring entries and crappy fanfic from long ago. I adore a lot of shows and books and there's no point in listing it all. Don't bother looking at the interests section, it's out of date.
My rule for life is: If two characters appear on the same show, you can ship them. I ship canon pairings for some things (Gilmore Girls and Castle, for example) and go down the dark abyss of fanon ships with a lot of others (sorry, Harry, I'll never accept that you basically married your mother's doppelgänger). That is, if I don't go all the way to crazytown with the cross-fandom ships. They're quite cruel because if there's one thing I didn't choose, it's shipping Mike Ross and Jim Harper. It just happened and now life is just a pool of tears over the pain these things cause me.
Chances are that if we have something in common, we will find more things to flail over later on. I don't bite so don't hesitate to add me, but please leave me a note on my friends-only post telling me where I know you from. (And that bit about you and pets for breakfast? I mean it.)

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